Our Team

At the forefront of our organization are leaders Jason Adams, with his profound energy investment knowledge, and Christian Shelton, who brings a keen marketing perspective from his work on sustainable tech projects. Supported by an advisory board from industry powerhouses like Tesla and Panasonic, our team collectively strives to revolutionize energy usage and champion power decentralization.

Jason Adams

CEO & President

Jason Adams is an energy investor, dealmaker, leader, and growth expert. His crossover experience in managing technology, software, and subscription make him particularly capable to produce results in consumer-facing technology sectors.

Christian Shelton

Director of Marketing

Christian Shelton is a marketer with expertise in emergent technologies. With a solid background in equity campaigns and a forward-thinking approach to sustainable solutions, he brings a unique perspective to the energy storage landscape.

Advisory Board

Industry Pioneers

Our advisory board comprises seasoned professionals hailing from industry giants such as Tesla and Panasonic. Their collective expertise in battery-centric technologies offers unparalleled insights in the energy storage domain.


Core Values

Innovative Thinking and Creativity

Next Thing Technologies is unwavering in its dedication to sustainable energy solutions. We are constantly seeking innovative methods to store and distribute energy in an efficient and sustainable manner, ensuring we not only meet but set industry standards.

Accessibility and Affordability​

We are steadfast in our pursuit to democratize cutting-edge energy storage solutions. It's not just about innovation but ensuring that these advancements are within reach for a diverse range of customers.

Partnership and Collaboration​

Through our strategic partnerships, be it with cities, grid operators, or industry experts, we collectively drive forward in our mission. By intertwining our strengths with those of our partners, we tackle the multifaceted challenges of the energy sector head-on.​