Meet Our Modular Energy Storage System

Our non-lithium batteries provide safe, reliable, and affordable backup power to your home or business.


Costs are about 40% lower than lithium, with potential pricing at $100 per month.

Raw materials are cheaper and readily available, bypassing lithium supply constraints.

Can be made using existing lithium battery plants, enabling quick response to increasing global demand.


Modular design for easy installation, can scale to fit the power needs of any home or business.

Supports decentralized grids, making each home a self-sufficient energy hub.

Encourages community energy resilience, allowing homes to share power, reduce costs and decrease transmission losses.


No incidents of thermal runaway in five generations of 18650 cells, unlike lithium batteries.

Extreme safety tests passed, including puncture and fire resistance, with non-toxic gas emissions.

Projected to be safer than 99% of lithium-based options, ensuring reliability for home and office use


Shifts away from lithium to more abundant, domestically available materials.

Ensures safety and cost-effectiveness, with a stable supply chain free from lithium’s volatility.

Aims to expedite the renewable energy transition by overcoming traditional lithium battery limitations.

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