Our Milestone in Battery Innovation

At Next Thing Technologies, our mission is to create energy-resilient communities powered by sustainability and decentralization. We’re thrilled to share our recent progress and the steps we’re taking to achieve this mission.

Setting New Standards in Home Battery Systems

Our dedicated team is working relentlessly to develop a home battery that revolutionizes safety, affordability, and modularity. We envision a world where households experience unparalleled energy storage solutions, free from the challenges of traditional batteries.

Milestones in Our R&D Journey

Pushing the boundaries of innovation, we’ve achieved significant milestones. Our second-generation 18650 cell is undergoing rigorous testing—from nail penetration to gas leak checks. This meticulous process ensures that the cells for our upcoming on-home units are top-tier in both innovation and reliability.

Transitioning from a coin cell and surpassing the pouch stage is not just a step but a giant leap in battery technology. This is an enormous milestone, especially considering that very few battery innovators reach this phase. This progression speaks volumes about our team’s dedication and the groundbreaking research at Next Thing Technologies.

Moving Forward

Stay with us as we pave the way to reshape the future of energy storage with cutting-edge technology, building a more sustainable and energy-resilient world.


– Next Thing Technologies