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We Need A Safe Way To Store Energy

Batteries are everywhere. 

Your cell phone. Your laptop. And soon, your house. The issue is—lithium is incredibly dangerous.1

Our next-gen battery completely replaces lithium

We provide a safer, scalable, and more affordable way to store to your power.

Why Developing This Tech Is A No-Brainer

Our Battery Is Safe

Testing extreme conditions to measure the risk of thermal runaway, a common issue in lithium batteries.

Our Battery Is Scalable

Modular design allows you to easily install, add, or subtract as many units as required by your power needs.

Our Battery Is Affordable

Raw materials are cheaper and readily available, allowing potential pricing at $100/month per unit (vs. $9K+ Powerwall).2

Our Battery Is U.S.-Made

Built with a more abundant, domestically available lithium-alternative material.3

On The Path To Producing Units

Battery development goes through multiple stages: coin cell, pouch, 18650 cellthen iterations leading to production.

We’ve already tested seven iterations of an 18650 cell.

We are working on the next prototype, which will help establish the standards for manufacturing, quality control, and design that the golden sample will finalize. 

Disrupting A Booming Market

This market is projected to increase from $210.92 billion in 2021 to $435.32 billion by 2030.

The Inflation Reduction Act infuses hundreds of billions of dollars into projects like ours.

Meet The Team

Our advisory board comprises seasoned professionals from industry giants such as Tesla, SpaceX, and Panasonic.

Jason Adams
CEO & President

Christian Shelton
Director of Marketing

Ahmad Pesaran
Energy Storage Engineer Advisor

What Our 7,000+ Investors Are Saying

“The current costs of powering homes at present are cost prohibitive. I think your company can turn that around.” 

Lee H.

“This [lithium-alternative] battery technology gives me hope! I want to be part of this success story!”

Robert R. H.

“I believe in the potential of new battery technology not based totally on lithium.”

Abd’allah A.

“It sounds like a product I would want installed in my home energy plans.”

Joseph M.

“I believe in the idea of cheap home batteries and possible home electricity home vehicles this could place a charging system in every gas station in America and across the world.”

Rudy C.

“I work with batteries constantly and believe this can be a helpful and sustainable product to benefit many people’s lives.”

David J.

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