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We’re a tech company developing advanced sodium-ion cell technology poised to replace lithium and disrupt a $2.18 trillion market.

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New Law Opens Door For Regular Americans to...

…Get In On The $2,182,990,000,000 Renewable Energy Market.

If you haven’t made money with energy yet, don’t worry.

You now have the chance to invest in private energy companies.

How? With a little-known securities law called “Regulation A+”.

Whether you have $150 or $50,000…

You can invest in startups before they potentially go public or get acquired.

You can buy shares 100% online—without using the stock market.

And Regulation A+ offerings have to get qualified by the SEC.

In fact, you can read our offering circular here.

But who are we? And why should you consider investing?

NTT's Battery Storage Rendering

We are Next Thing Technologies

We’re developing a sodium-ion battery to rock the energy market.

Our tech has been written about in…


The Entrepreneur article stated:

“This New Battery Tech Will Make Traditional Batteries Obsolete.”

Why does this matter to investors? Because…

Energy Is Going To Have A Huge Effect On The Economy

Renewable Energy is now predicted to be a $2,182,990,000,000 market

Yes, that’s $2 TRILLION with a T…


This only factors in renewable energy.

But there is more than one way to generate power.

If you look at the total global power generation market…

That’s expected to hit $3.9 trillion in less than 10 years

And all this energy needs to be stored somewhere.

That’s why…

Some Of The Biggest Investors Are Rushing To Batteries

From Bill Gates to Shell to the U.S. Government

Hundreds of billions of dollars are being invested into energy.

And now, you have a chance to invest like them.

You Could Invest In Renewable Energy's Estimated $2.18 TRILLION Market

Whether you’re a seasoned trader… 

Or someone who has never invested a nickel…

Getting in on the right kind of energy investment… 

Could potentially impact the long-term security of your children, close friends, even your heirs.

And while there’s no guarantee of this kind of life-changing performance

You’ve heard massive investment return stories from early investors in major technological innovation.

One potential technology is…

The Next Generation Of Energy Storage

Let’s face it.

Batteries are everywhere.

Your cell phone

Your laptop

Your car

And soon, your house

But batteries are incredibly dangerous.

USA Today reported that… 

In New York, the number of deaths caused by lithium battery fires…

More than doubled from 2022 to 2023.

You may think this doesn’t apply to you and your family

You might not have an EV…

Your phone has probably never blown up…

But the truth is…

The world — not just the U.S. — is moving toward a net-zero emissions economy

This means an influx of batteries on the streets and in your home.

McKinsey and the Global Battery Alliance said in less than 10 years

The Global Demand For Batteries Will Increase By 571%

The shift to batteries is picking up speed, and it seems nothing is slowing it down

And whoever cracks the code on a safer battery

Has the potential to tap into multiple revenue streams… 

Across a variety of industries

  • Residential energy storage
  • Commercial energy storage
  • Government and municipal grids
  • Renewable energy farms
  • Consumer products
  • Electric vehicles

These industries and their markets would benefit from a safer battery

A battery that would protect you and your loved ones.

Since battery-related deaths are on the rise…

The commissioner of the New York Fire Department warned: 

“We have been imploring local manufacturers, Amazon, online retailers to stop selling these unsafe batteries.”

Thankfully, Next Thing Technologies is working to develop a safer battery technology

And already has a working prototype of its first product…

NTT's Battery Storage Prototype

Next Thing Technologies envisions a future where…

This Battery Tech Could Be In Every Home In The World

Think about it.

In 2022, there were more than 8.58 billion active mobile phones

That’s 630 million more phones than the 7.95 billion people in the world at that time.

These 8.58 billion mobile phones (and their 8.58 billion batteries) are just a fraction of global battery usage.

Let’s take a look at another battery-reliant industry

In 2008, Tesla car sales only reached around 100 units.

Since then, Tesla has sold 5,460,832 vehicles.

These two markets experienced a spike in battery demand… 

But there are brand new markets who need batteries… 

Especially considering that…

Governments Are Mandating The Shift to Batteries

Don’t believe us?

Have you heard of Assembly Bill No. 1346 that California Governor Gavin Newsom signed?

It banned all gas-powered lawn and landscape equipment, generators, pressure washers, and chainsaws.


If you live in California, you have to buy electric lawn tools from now on.

Additionally, a recent California law states that new homes must install solar panels.”

In fact, Morgan Stanley analysts wrote this note to their clients:

“Battery storage is now a required component for rooftop solar economics.”

NTT's Battery Storage Rendering

So, while the demand for batteries continues to go up…

Researchers predict on CNBC that…

"A worldwide lithium shortage could come as soon as 2025"

The demand for lithium and batteries is skyrocketing… 

But the supply is running out.

This is why Next Thing Technologies is developing a next-gen battery

That doesn’t rely heavily on lithium.


Sodium Is 1,400X More Abundant Than Lithium

This is more than enough to cover the growing demand for batteries

And not just in the distant future.

But sooner than you might think.

You see, battery development goes through multiple stages: 

From coin cell

To pouch

Then to an 18650 cell.

While most new batteries companies never make it past the pouch stage…

Next Thing Technologies has already tested seven iterations of an 18650 cell.

NTT Testing 18650 Sodium-Ion Cell

Next Thing Technologies’ goal is to develop…

The Next-Gen Battery of the Future

Next Thing Technologies’ first product is home battery storage unit.

It pulls and stores electricity for emergencies to protect your family… 

And it helps offset grid instability to provide energy independence and keep more money in your pockets.

This unit aims to be more affordable, modular, safe, and easier to install than current lithium options.

NTT's Battery Storage Rendering

The first full scale prototype was completed in September 2021. 

This prototype was handcrafted and built in the United States.

Funds from this raise will further product development, engineering and production.

The next prototype will help establish manufacturing standards, quality control, and design

That the golden sample will finalize.

We anticipate having a production model no sooner than 2026, but…

A more accurate timeline will be provided as more progress is achieved with our prototyping.

Become an investor and keep up with our progress. Don’t miss…

Your Chance To Invest In The $2.18 Trillion Renewable Energy Market

Join the 7,000+ early investors who committed $6,500,000+ to Next Thing Technologies since inception to today…

What Our Investors Are Saying

Join the 7,000+ early investors who committed $6,500,000+ to Next Thing Technologies since inception to today…

Our Team

Our advisory board comprises seasoned professionals from Tesla, SpaceX, and Panasonic.

Jason Adams
CEO & President
Jason has built, promoted, and grown products into 8-figure businesses.
Christian Shelton
Director of Marketing
Christian has raise more than $240 million via Regulation A+ and Regulation CF.
Ahmad Pesaran
Energy Storage Engineer Advisor


Ahmad is the Chief Energy Storage Engineer at the National Renewable Energy Lab with multiple patents.


Regulation A+ is a part of the U.S. securities law that allows companies to raise up to $75 million from the public each year, providing an alternative to traditional IPOs.

It’s designed to assist smaller companies in accessing capital while offering protections to investors.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires investors to provide some basic information.

Then investors can directly invest in companies through online platforms using their credit card or via ACH.

Yes, investing online through Regulation A+ offerings is legitimate.

These offerings are qualified by the SEC, ensuring they meet stringent disclosure and compliance standards designed to protect investors.

You can view Next Thing Technologies’ offering circular here. You can also read the legale disclaimers below in the footer.

Regulation A+ offerings require companies to provide detailed disclosures about their business, financial condition, and the risks associated with the investment.

Additionally, the SEC reviews these offerings for compliance with regulations to protect investors.

Yes, Regulation A+ offerings are open to both accredited and non-accredited investors, making it easier for a broader audience to participate in early-stage investment opportunities.

As with any investment, there are risks involved, including the potential loss of your investment.

Regulation A+ investments are typically in startups and early-stage companies, which may have more significant risks compared to established companies.

It’s important to review the offering documents and understand the specific risks before investing.

There are a limited number shares available in this offering. Once they are sold out, there is no guarantee that more will be available.

Next Thing Technologies previously raised capital on an equity crowdfunding platform called Wefunder.

That round was oversubscribed, which means we had to reject some investors.

The current price per share is $3.00.

In our previous round on Wefunder, the price per share was $1.94.

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Trusted by 7,000+ Investors